Around the Ring And Back Again: Favorite WWE Wrestler Right Now

I took a bit of a hiatus but I’m back now and ready to hit the ground running with a topic which can spark some nice discussion. Who is your favorite WWE wrestler right now? I’m sure the opinions will vary so I’ll dig into a few guys here and give you my choice.

I watched Summerslam with a non-fan. He was one of the many people who watched when he “was a kid”, grew out of it, came back here and there, and fell out completely over the last 10 years. He’s not a hater by any means, and decided to take me up on my invitation to watch SS and have a few cold ones along the way. At one point, he asked me about the top guys and then asked me who my favorite was.

I didn’t have an answer.

Not to date myself, but as an 80’s child, I was a Hulkamaniac. Then Bret, then Austin, then Punk, then Bryan. I’ve always had someone that’s “my guy”. So, who is my guy now? I’m not sure if I even have one, or if I have too many.

Over the years I’ve grown to like good matches more than characters. Of course, great characters having great matches is the best you can hope for. But I enjoy technical wrestling more than anything now. Bret Hart introduced me to it and it stuck. He’s my favorite wrestler ever.

What I’ve done is come up with a few names and why I like them. In the ring is what matters most to me, as I’ve been saying, but being able to talk and having a good persona certainly doesn’t hurt.

CHARLOTTE: I honestly think she could compete with the guys. Weather she’s the champ or not, she is clearly the best in the division. Her string of matches with Sasha last year were fantastic. Sasha, Bayley, Naomi, and Alexa Bliss all get honorable mentions.

TYLER BATE/PETE DUNNE: Neither can be “my guy” because they’re simply not around enough. But If you haven’t watched their matches go back and make sure you do. You will be treated to some of the best in-ring work you’ll see in months. Bate’s winning the title and defense against Dunne, followed by Dunne’s title win over Bate made a great trilogy. The last match when Dunne won the title was a MOTY candidate, in my opinion.

CHAD GABLE: He’s lacking in the personality and talking aspect of the game, but in the ring, he is one of my favorites. He can have a good match with anyone. He’s clearly not “there” yet and probably has an uphill battle to even get a chance, but trust me, he can go. Early tag matches with Jason Jordan in NXT are what you need to watch if you want to see his technical prowess.

SAMI ZAYN: His rise to the NXT Championship had some great matches along the way. El Generico has come a long way. Another one of these guys that can carry anyone to a good match. He has personality and can talk, and can work great, so it’s frustrating to watch him lose regularly on RAW. At any time they want, WWE can pull the trigger on a Daniel Bryan-like underdog story with Sami, and I guarantee the fans would get behind it. Hopefully they tell that story at some point.

JOHN CENA: Like it or not, Cena has become one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. You can argue he is the best ever. He’s done it longer than anyone else, even Hogan. He dedicated himself to get better in the ring and he has had some great matches over the years. On the mic he’s great, too, of course. The 5 moves of doom era is over because he has expanded his moveset (although the 5 moves of doom are still there). In terms of “Super Cena” never losing…he actually puts guys over now. Having met him a couple times (and even getting on his DVD), I can confirm he’s tremendous to fans outside the ring, too. By all rights he should be my guy, your guy, everyone’s guy. But, I lived through Super Cena. I lived through him being champ when his matches didn’t warrant it, in my opinion. And maybe it’s unfair but I still can’t say he’s my favorite guy. I never thought I get to a point of even liking his work, but I do. A lot.

ROMAN REIGNS: Just kidding. The hate is too far, though. He’ way better than he used to be. See above for the most likely outcome for Roman.

CESARO: Give me Cesaro and Gable or Sami and 30 minutes and I bet it’d be a MOTY candidate. I beleive his lack of personality and mic skills are the only thing holding him back. Bell to bell, he is a joy to watch in the ring. Although the WWE style has limited him some.

KEVIN OWENS: He’s up there for sure. Personality, ring work, mic skills…all there. The only reason he’s not my guy is the technical aspect that I like so much. He has everything else and his matches are enjoyable and tell a good story.

SETH ROLLINS: Another one limited by the WWE style, the former Tyler Black has an incredible moveset you should seek out and find from his ROH days. Seth can still have good to great matches and he was damn close to me declaring him as my favorite. The technical skills have been put on the back burner, which is frustrating.

FINN BALOR: Another one I almost declared my guy. Mic work and the fact that the main roster audience still doesn’t have a deep connection with him are things working against him. When he makes his entrance and raises his arms as the lights come up, that entire place should be on their feet with their arms raised. Once that happens he will be a main event guy and might be my guy. He can have a great match but he hasn’t had one yet on the RAW brand. Again, though, very close to being my guy.

SHINSUKE NAKAMURA: No doubt a future champion. I’m not going to hold his limitations for a good interview/ talking segment against him. He’s learning the language. Maybe a mouthpiece would help him. Not Paul Heyman, but someone who can do most of the talking for him. My runner-up because of his charisma and fantastic in ring work, I think he’s falling victim to the WWE style as well. He’s become a pure striker at this point. He can be technical as well, but I don’t think we’ll see much of that. But this is entertainment and when Shinsuke makes his entrance and has good to great matches, I’m damn sure entertained.

Now just to be clear, if any of these guys are in the ring, I’m watching intently. And I want to officially say I’ve come realize I really don’t have one guy. I like all these guys and enjoy them all. But I said I’d give a name as my guy, so…

AJ STYLES: Should not come as a shock at this point. His mic skills have improved enough to be acceptable. He can still go, and he’s on a run of spectacular match after spectacular match with anyone they put in front of him. Somehow, you can make a case he’s doing his best work of his career even at age 40. He’s got the body type and style close enough to a Shawn Michaels to maybe last another 3-5 years at a fairly high level as Shawn did. AJ Styles is MY GUY.

Start the discussion below. Who’s your favorite? Is my list way off from yours?