Mike & Maria Kanellis – So Much To Love!

“Spread love, it’s the wrestling way.”  – Not The Notorious B.I.G.

At this point it’s clear that the Money In The Bank (MITB) PPV has established itself as one of the major PPVs in the WWE calendar year.  Some consider this PPV to have surpassed Survivor Series in terms of importance, although I’m confident WWE will do everything they can to maintain their emphasis on the “Big Four”.  There’s no better proof of this anointment than what we saw this past Sunday. You see, it’s very rare that we get debuts on PPVs where the talent aren’t considered to be major players, and at MITB we finally got a glimpse into the debut and re-debut of Mike Maria Kanellis.

Now, we all know Maria, she was around during the “dark age” of WWE.  She was mostly known for her outgoing personality and catchy theme song “Legs Like That”.  She also dated CM Punk for a while, but then again, what diva hasn’t?  Most recently, she had major stints on the independent scene, highlighted by major feuds with the Bullet Club (so hot right now) where she would dance around and place Karl Anderson into a hypnotic trance (Do yourself a favor and YouTube it when you get a chance). So when she showed up on Sunday it was great to see this latest incarnation of her, one that brought along some baggage: her real life husband, Mike Bennett, who we now know as Mike Kanellis.

So what’s to love you ask?  Well, how about everything?  First off, we’re instantly given a character driven superstar tandem where Maria does the talking and Mike does the walking, and unlike other independent imports, Mike Bennett is not just about move sets and 5 star matches.  He brings character development to the table.  He has solid comedic timing, can handle himself on the mic and understands how to work a crowd, which is something WWE’s main event scene could work on if you ask me.

What else is there to love?  Well, how about that theme song?  There is nothing better than an 80’s power ballad … except for maybe a super over the top cheesy power ballad where the cringe factor is actually what makes it work.  It’s essentially the opposite of Bayley’s cringe factor, if that makes sense.  In my eyes (and ears), everything about their debut was perfect.  Even the ungodly and purposely poorly produced TitanTron video was perfect in every sense of sports entertainment.  And if you needed any more convincing that this couple is the perfect combination of cringe and greatness, just see the lyrics to their theme song below …

Here’s to the greatest, greatest, love I’ve ever known.

I’m burning up in your love (x4) … burning up inside your love!

Keep me warm like a roaming fire

Touch the flame just to know what it feels like

Cuz when they ask me if the fire is gonna eat us alive … I tell them, I think we’ll just be just fine!

Cuz it’s the greatest, greatest, love I’ve ever known …. (repeat song 2x)

Do you need more love after reading that?  Oh you do?  Alright, well there just so happens to be plenty more to go around.  The overall presentation and delivery of their promo was perfect down to every last detail.  The headset microphones, the upgraded prom attire, the slow dance and of course, the Eskimo kiss.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the words spoken, most notably, the fact that Mike Bennett has now taken his wife’s “maiden” name as his last.  In my opinion, this was the biggest takeaway, as it presented us with the origin of their WWE characters and set the tone for future character development and fan investment.   I mean, think about it, they’re heels whose characters are based around love (Brother Love-esque, if you will) – I hate to sound cheesy here, but I love it!

So what did you think about the #PowerOfLove?  Feel free to leave a comment below or hit me up on twitter @nickthevacation.