ONE FALL: “Time to Play the Game” – A Look at Triple H’s Slow ‘TakeOver’ of WWE

205 Live has just done a 360, and we aren’t talking about a splash from the top rope.  It was recently reported that Vince McMahon has granted Triple H full control of 205 Live, joining NXT under the Triple H regime.  With 205 Live struggling to maintain relevance, the move is understandable as Triple H has pioneered NXT to great successes since its rebranding in 2012.  Time will tell if the move will pay off, but with a few episodes under the new leadership in the books, differences can already be felt.

When asked what WWE’s best brand overall is, the majority of fans will say that NXT has achieved that distinction.  NXT has been built from the ground up and has distinguished itself from the traditional WWE television that RAW and Smackdown currently brings to you each week.  The one hour format, the small arena, the lighting, the taping schedule, and Takeover schedule all craft a unique identity that makes NXT appealing.  Triple H was the founder of NXT and to this day still serves as the senior producer.