Rusev teases a split from Aiden English

Rusev Day

The Bulgarian Brute and the Artiste have been an entertaining pair since they began teaming up last year. While they have yet to find success in regards to gold, Rusev and Aiden English have connected well with the fans, with Rusev Day chants breaking through at every WWE event at some point or another.

The two are a unique combination that not many people expected would last long. It’s great to see how well they work together, but it seems that relationship may come to an end.

Rusev teased a possible split from English earlier today on Instagram. He commented on his friend’s latest Instagram post saying “Gonna miss you bud!”

A post shared by Aiden English (@dramakingwwe) on Apr 15, 2018 at 7:46am PDT

With the rumors swirling around Rusev, no one really knows what he means by this. If those rumors are to be believed, the former US Champion is planning on leaving the company soon.

However, in a more likely scenario, it looks like he could be teasing a move to Monday Night Raw, leaving his singing sidekick behind on Smackdown Live.