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This is not a match by match, segment by segment review column. But rather an assessment of the true story in WWE storylines. Let’s jump right into with the Main Event Scene.


Nearly a week removed from Smackdown’s Money in the Bank PPV, which was by in large a complete chore to watch. Jinder Mahal-Randy Orton WWE Title match was one of my least favorite battles of the year and here’s why.

I mean my God WWE, enough with the same formula over and over again. Why on Earth would a 15-year veteran, a guy who has held a WWE World Title 13 times, fall for this nonsense? On paper, MAYBE we could buy Mahal falling for this due to some form of inexperience but this is literally out of Orton’s playbook!

In 2013, Orton was nicknamed The Viper from beating up John Cena’s father. Cena would go on to suffer a legit injury over the course of the feud, but for storyline purposes, they booked it as Orton injuring him due to his lack of focus over his father. So basically four years later — Orton loses a shot at the title because of something he once did himself?! This is garbage storytelling. But as Jinder said on the Talk is Jericho podcast recently, Vince McMahon believes “WWE fans have a short memory span.” Tell that to one million plus RAW viewers WWE has lost.

It’s not the easiest thing to come up fresh new storylines, I get it, but this one, please bury it. Even Wrestling Booking 101 finish Singh Bros. distraction leading to Jinder smashing a chair or WWE Title over Orton’s head, if the father distraction is the best we can do.

The only thing worse than this story with zero sizzle is that it continued. Last Tuesday, Orton had the sit down interview still talking about The Modern Day Maharajah. Ugh, Orton is hardly ever a great in-ring guy and that’s what Jinder needs right now. Mahal’s not going over the Viper strong so this story needs to end.

But the final chapter could be the return of the PUNJABI PRISON MATCH.

Go ahead and take a moment…. Yes, that’s the actual rumor going around, the bamboo cage is back and I couldn’t be happier. If WWE insists on Mahal-Orton III adding this stipulation I think I can deal with it. Now I am sure that a lot of poor souls reading this are saying, “You are out of your (pick your expletive) mind. Do you remember the first two?” Thankfully no but then again I don’t really want to remember any Big Show or Great Khali match. With that said, Orton and Mahal are more athletic and the match should fall somewhere between watchable/spectacle, or at the very least unintentionally hilarious. Either way, for myself it’s a win. Unless Cowboy Bob decides to climb in….

In regards to what I would do, I would much prefer to see what Mahal is capable of in the ring against a guy like Sami Zayn. That’s a feud that helps both guys, provided they are treated like the real main event. Historically it has been a problem for WWE misplacing title matches (see CM Punk’s WWE Title Reign) by not giving the top title the main event slot on the card. If wrestlers aren’t competing for the top prize, top billing, top dollars, what is the point of all of this? Money in the Bank and the Royal Rumble are the only two acceptable trump cards but shouldn’t necessarily be the main event.

For Mahal to ever gain traction as a champion he needs matches that get the crowd oohing and aahing. Zayn is the best at making people look like a million dollars and would get the absolute top match out of the MDM. The added bonus it’s another guy Mahal goes over, which is always important to legitimize a title reign. For Zayn, it’s the opportunity to remind WWE they have a guy in the back seat, doing his job, that is capable of a decent run as a babyface champion, like a Daniel Bryan.


The big man holds the briefcase. The brash always pissed off Corbin, seemed like the logical choice but I think WWE needs to give this case to a babyface next year for a fresh change. Corbin was dynamite on Talking Smack afterward, interrupting Mahal’s interview. As the champ talked about handing the title off to anyone who can “outwork him,” Corbin interrupted by slamming the Money in the Bank on the desk. After Mahal left Corbin dropped the line of the week, “hard work is crutch for people with no talent.” Wow! These are lines that should be on weekly broadcasts!

Moving forward let’s see Corbin continue to building character and go over in a feud against a star the likes of Randy Orton. Who knows maybe Corbin is the 1 in a 100 wrestlers that Orton randomly has chemistry with. I doubt it, but Corbin could still use that rub of going over strong against a legit star.

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